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Welcome to the website of 38th Annual GeoDaze Symposium, a student-organized showcase of graduate and undergraduate research in the earth sciences at the University of Arizona.

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Keynote Speaker

The 2010 GeoDaze keynote speaker will be Dr. Brian P. Wernicke, the Chandler Family Professor of Geology from the California Institute of Technology.  His topic will be: The California River and its role in carving the Grand Canyon.

It is widely held that Grand Canyon is a young geomorphic feature, carved over the last 6 million years by the Colorado River.  Paleothermometric data collected over the last three years instead suggest that the canyon was originally incised between 70 and 80 million years ago by a river that originated in California and flowed out onto coastal lowlands in Utah and Colorado. These data also indicate that the Late Cenozoic Colorado has played a relatively minor role in shaping the canyon.

Earthweek Events

This year, Geodaze is part of EarthWeek, a week devoted to a series of events in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences (SEES).  Highlights include research symposiums presented by the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research (March 29th), Atmospheric Sciences (March 30th), Hydrology and Water Resources (March 31st), and Geodaze (April 1-3rd).  As part of EarthWeek, there will be a plenary talk on Wednesday at noon.  Randy Olson will talk about science communication, based on his new book “Don’t be such a scientist: Talking substance in an age of style.”  Also part of EarthWeek will be the Tucson premiere of Randy’s movie: “Sizzle: A global warming comedy” at The Loft, Wednesday @ 7:00 PM."

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