UA Geoscience Symposium
April 12-14

Welcome to the 46th annual University of Arizona Geosciences Symposium ("Geodaze")



About our keynote speaker

University Distinguished Professor & Chancellor's Leadership Professor at the University of California, Davis

Current President of the Geological Society of America (GSA)

Dr. Isabel Montañez is a distinguished field geologist and geochemist who has spent her career working to better understand ancient climate change through use of the geochemical record preserved in rock stratigraphy. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Bryn Mawr College and her PhD from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute in Blacksburg, VA. For her dissertation studies, she focused on interpreting and better characterizing the fluid flow history and dolomitization of the Cambro-Ordovician Upper Knox Group of carbonates in the nearby Appalachian Mountains. She has since devoted much of her research career to understanding geochemical records preserved in carbonate rocks and their relationship to past climate change, which can improve our understanding of more recent climate change.

She worked as an Assistant and then Associate Professor at the University of California, Riverside from 1990 to 1997. In 1998, she moved north and joined the Earth and Planetary Sciences department at the University of California, Davis, where she is today. She has received many accolades including teaching, service, and leadership awards and is currently a fellow of the Geological Society of America, the American Association of the Advancement of Science, the Geochemical Society, and of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. She was awarded a three-year Chancellor's Leadership Professor appointment at UC Davis in June 2016 for her "outstanding scholarship and many academic contributions to the campus." In addition to her impressive record of teaching (including 23 MS and PhD students and 4 postdoctoral students), she has also served as a co-editor for four separate journals, and is currently serving as the president of the Geological Society of America (GSA).

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Montañez and in attending her talk "Deep-Time insight into Earth's future" on Friday afternoon of GeoDaze!

If you missed Dr. Montañez's Presidential Address at GSA in October, check out the recorded version from the GSA Website.


Isabel P Montanez

Isabel P.

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